March 22, 2023

“Friends” Line Dancers

Stephen and Janet Bartholomew certainly keep themselves busy.  Not only do they continue with their line dancing but now they have taken on another pastime which is Ceroc, or Cyroc.  Janet has sent an update of their activities which must keep them fully occupied.   They probably think, as I do, how would we ever find time to go to work.

” Just a brief account of our new pastime that is gaining popularity here in Cyprus, both North and South. It is modern jive and goes under the namCyroc groupe of  Ceroc, or Cyroc as it is called here.

The local Cyroc group met for a social evening at the Sardunya Bar yesterday evening, Feb 1st, to be followed by a Valentine`s Dance on Thursday Feb 14th.

We have made many new friends through this, some of which have joined us for line dancing at the Punjab.

We go along Tuesday and Thursday evenings, bStephen and Janet's new Cyroc friendsut there is talk of day time dancing being introduced, we prefer evenings as most of our days are already taken up, Turkish lessons Wednesday for me, wood carving Thursday mornings for Stephen, and of course line dancing Monday and Wednesday mornings. “

Stephen and Janet meet with their line dancing friends at the Punjab on Monday and Wednesday mornings 10am to 12 noon, the beginners class is on Wednesdays so if you feel you would like to join in with this very friendly group, call : 0533 821 5185 or 0542 882 0366  for further information. 

There is so much to do in North Cyprus so if you feel the need to dance, learn a craft, learn the language or just get together with other people to put the world to rights, there is definitely a venue available.  Have a look at our Events Calendar and Regular Events on to see what forthcoming events you can look forward to.

You might like to get a sample of Ceroc from a Youtube video of a busking event to promote Ceroc in Redditch Shopping Mall in the UK.

By Margaret Sheard

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