January 30, 2023

The Canteen Cafe, Girne

A short time ago I wrote an article about the Canteen Cafe in Girne where you The Canteen Cafe, Kyreniacould have delicious jacket potatoes, however, I have recently become aware that the cafe has now closed due to the re-development proposed for  the row of shops where it was situated.   What a shame, but I suppose this is progress.

We had previously spent some time talking to Seyla Selviler Uydan and her husband Barbaros and at the time she said that there was an Englishman who was interested in taking over the cafe.  We later discovered we knew who this was and he was very disappointed that he could not go ahead.   Seyla had told us that the intention was to eventually return to her husband’s birthplace – Izmir in Turkey but with the unexpected circumstances regarding their business in Girne, they have decided to mBarbaros (right) and Seyla Uydanake the move now and  leave the island.

Another topic Seyla spoke to us about was that her daughter had a severe medical problem when she was born but with the advice of a doctor, and treatment, a cure was possible. We will try to follow this up with Seyla before they leave the island and publish an article which could well be beneficial to other mothers.

Seyla is anxious to sell her car before they move and asked me if I could show iSeyla - car for salet on the website and if anyone is interested they can contact her direct on 0548 847 9549.  The only information I have is that it is a 2007 Golf  (manual) with 48,000 miles on the clock.  From the picture it looks to be in nice condition. 

I am very sad to know that the best jacket potatoes I have ever had have disappeared, maybe forever.  To see the original article which was very popular click here

By Margaret Sheard

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