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That was the TRNC week that was – 5th January 2013

31st December 2012

TRNC Will Export Electricity

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan while addressing  the nation, stated that TRNC will receive electricity from Anamur and Recep Tayyip Erdoganthat it will be more than enough for the country and they will export it to other countries.

Prime Minister added that the studies to transfer water from Turkey to Cyprus are continuing and the Project will be completed in a short time. Erdoğan underlined that the underwater pipe line project to carry water from Turkey to North Cyprus is a ‘first’ in the world and by this project 75 million cubic meters water will be carried to North Cyprus.

Turkish EU Minister And Chief Negotiator Bagis: “May God Save The Greek Cypriots”

Regarding the economic difficulties that the Greek Cypriots have been faced with, Turkish EU Minister and the Chief Negotiator, Egemen Bagıs said: “May God save the Greek Cypriots”.

Indicating seriousness of the economic crisis in South Cyprus, the Turkish EU Affairs Minister and the Chief Negotiator, Bagıs commented Egemen Bagisthat the island of Cyprus today would have been free of the presence of the Turkish Armed Forces, which the Greek Cypriots despise so much, had they accepted the UN Sponsored Annan Plan in 2004 and a new partnership Republic had been created.

Drawing attention to the fact that there are two separate states in Cyprus, Bağış said that perhaps Cyprus would have prospered greatly economically had the Greek Cypriots accepted a settlement back then.

“With the removal of the political problem on the island, perhaps Cyprus would have achieved immense prosperity with a booming tourism economy and investments” he said, adding that the Greek Cypriots had prepared the foundation of the economic crisis they are experiencing by preventing a settlement on the island.

2nd January 2013

Ireland Takes Over EU Term Presidency

Ireland has taken over EU Term Presidency on 1st January. Turkey’s EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagıs stated that they aimed to open some chapters during this process. Bagıs said ‘ Chapters which are possible to be opened are ‘ regional policies’ and ‘financial policies’. Bagıs also added ‘ We believe that Ireland’s EU Term Presidency will have an effective and constructive role on Greek Cypriot Administration. Especially, we are hopeful that the new administration to be formed after the presidential elections in the Egemen Bagis (2)South will take steps to the advantage of Europe. We hope Ireland persuades the Greek Cypriot Administration’.

Bagıs answered the questions of Anadolu Agency regarding Ireland’s EU Term Presidency and a possible development of Turkey-EU relations in the following 6 months. Stating that the process before Ireland’s EU Term Presidency was not fair, Bagıs said that they spent much effort during Greek Cypriot Administration’s EU Term Presidency by not breaking off Turkey-EU relations.

Moreover, Bagıs stated that they realized technical meetings under the name of ‘positive agenda’ for eight chapters with obstacles as there were not any obstacle during Greek Cypriot Administration’s EU Term Presidency. Bagıs also added that their 30 years wish has come true during the same process because all EU member countries authorised the commission to start visa exemption negotiations with Turkey.

3rd January 2013

Foreign Minister Özgürgün Evaluates EU Term Presidency

Speaking to the Turkish state run television TRT, Foreign Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has evaluated the Greek Cypriot Side’s EU term presidency which ended on the 1st of January. Özgürgün said that Greek Cypriots had not found what they expected during their 6-month EU term presidency.

Foreign Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün reminded that the Greek Cypriot Leader Dimitris Christofias’ had expressed his disappointmeHüseyin Özgürgün  2nt over South Cyprus’ EU term presidency by saying ‘we were expecting to eat with a golden spoon however we couldn’t even eat with a wooden one’.

Stating that the Greek Cypriot Side’s Term Presidency was lacklustre, Özgürgün said “they had failed to organize many of the events and were forced to transfer them to other countries. It was an EU Term Presidency which struggled with its own financial problems, or in other words, an EU Term President that went bankrupt”.

Meanwhile, South Cyprus handed over the EU Term Presidency to Ireland as of 1st of January.

Turkey-EU relations are also expected to gain new momentum during Ireland’s term presidency.

Statement By Turkish Cypriot Police Concerning The Greek Cypriot Missing Persons

TRNC Police Headquarters has issued a notice concerning the Greek Cypriot missing persons within the scope of investigations made by Attorney General’s Office.

After the workings conducted by Missing Persons  Commision, in order to investigate the TRNC Police Headquartersconditions of death of the Greek Cypriots whose bones were found and their identities were determined by “DNA” method, Police Headquarters demanded the Greek Cypriots, who are the relatives of Greek Cypriot missing persons whose bones were identified or those who have information concerning their missing or death, to come to Police Headquarters in Lefkoşa and give information.

In the notice issued by Police Headquarters, those, who want to get an appointment and give information about the subject, are requested to contact with TRNC Police Headquarters on the telephone numbers below: 00 90 533 846 13 06 (for Greek) and 00 90 533 841 13 06 (for English)

4th January 2013

Lefkosa District Court Has Ruled Second Round Of Voting In Ten Days

The Lefkoşa District Court has ruled that UBP General Congress must either be repeated or a second round of voting must be held to determine the leader of the governing National Unity Party.

The court ruled that the UBP’s charter was clear in that any candidate needed an absolute majority of the votes in order to become leader of the party.

The court also ruled that the UBP congress must convene within the next 10 days with the participation of the same delegates who attended the UBP CongCourt Judgementress on the 21st of October 2012.

In a short statement after the ruling, Gazimağusa Deputy and contender for the party’s leadership Ahmet Kaşif said that everyone needed to respect the decision of the court.

Prime Minister İrsen Küçük’s lawyer Ergin Ulunay for his part continued to claim that the Lefkoşa District Court did not have the authority to rule on such a case.

He said that they will appeal to the Supreme Court and that the 10 day deadline given by the court to hold the second round should be extended to three months.

Gazimağusa Deputy Ahmet Kaşif had opposed the outcome of the UBP General Congress, arguing that Prime Minister İrsen Küçük had failed to win an absolute majority of the vote as stipulated by the UBP’s Charter.

He had filed a case at the Lefkoşa District Court demanding that Küçük’s victory should be declared invalid and a second round of voting should take place.

Bagis: “EU Term Presidency Of Greek Cypriot Administration Was Not An Unlucky But An Incapable Process”

EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagıs said that he is happy about Ireland’s EU Term Presidency.

Bagis delivered a brief speech about “Turkey’s EU accession process” and replied to the questions of AA’s correspondent.

EU Minister Bagis touched on the term presidency of Greek Cypriot administration upon a Egemen Bagisquestion and said, “I do not agree on classifying the Greek Cypriot as an “unlucky’ presidency, I would say an “incapable” term presidency”

Moreover, he referred to the Greek Cypriot issue and said that Greek Cypriot administration suffered more than any other country because of their attitude and added, “If they had accepted the Annan Plan back in 2004, the island would have been a very prosperous, rich and self-confident country. The Unites States of Cyprus would be one of the richest countries in the world but because of their attitude and their very unsuccessful manners of dealing with international issues, unfortunately the Greek Cypriot President has had to appear on live TV in tears and announce that Greek Cypriot administration was on the brink of bankruptcy. I felt sorry for them, prayed for them.”

He stressed that they are more optimistic and hopeful about the Irish as it will be Ireland’s seventh EU Presidency.

Yener “Irelands Attempts To Do Something But The Actual Problem Is France And South Cyprus”

Turkey-EU relations are expected to gain speed with Ireland’s EU term presidency, however, the attitude of France and South Cyprus will swing the balance.

Permanent Representative of Turkey to the EU, Selim Yener who attended the 5th Ambassadors’ Conference held in Ankara Turkey and EU Flagevaluated the recent developments in Turkey-EU relations and stated that they expected the blockage on five chapters blocked by France to be lifted.

Yener added: “We don’t have much to do with regards to term presidents. For this reason, we cannot say that we faced more obstacles during EU term presidency of South Cyprus. Accordingly, there has not been a disruption in the meaning of our relations. Ireland attempts to do something, but the actual problem is France and South Cyprus.

If they lift the blockage on the chapters, there will be progress. In other words, this situation is not related with the term-presidency of France. If France lifts the blockage, she should lift the blockage on all five chapters. France should lift the blockage but we cannot perceive any concrete indicator. We will continue to expect a concrete indicator. I believe we will gain speed in the EU relations”.

Source reference: TRNC Public Information Office

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