December 10, 2022

“Cyprus” and the EU

Some years back the expats in North Cyprus were perhaps becoming excited at the prospect of an agreement between North Cyprus and South Cyprus that would have led to both entering into the European Union. History tells all and we know South Cyprus rejected the North and the dear old EU allowed half a country into the EU which supported its claim to represent the whole island. Now that’s one big political wammy!

Clearly those expats in the North were perhaps looking forward to better things through EU accession but it’s now just a distant dream and they have learned to adapt to live in a so called “unrecognised state” (TRNC) that has achieved great things with the support from Turkey.

Turkey has also been struggling to get the EU to take it seriously in its accession talks and of course South Cyprus has been playing its favoured and protected position to the limit. Turkey is recognised as being a very important partner for Europe as well as being an  important partner in Nato. Clearly Turkey is very important and has done a great deal to foster peace and harmony within the Middle East and should be given a fair deal as should North Cyprus.

Perhaps the tide is turning and future events will see many changes in this ongoing saga that may just see the lot of North Cyprus change.

To read more of the latest news click here:  Merkel reassure Turkey on EU talks, Erdogan raps Cyprus | Reuters.

By Chris Elliott

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