May 31, 2023

Are Expats to be taxed?

Here in North Cyprus the expats sometimes feel they are not wanted or only wanted for their money and it is perhaps most comforting to know that our brethren in South Cyprus are not having an easy time either.

With all of the financial woes in South Cyprus, it is now being suggested that the expats there could be paying higher taxes with other increasing costs due to the government having to consider  signing up to some harsh austerity measures as part of the deal if it is to secure the EU bailout package it needs to help finance its debts.

So perhaps the grass is not so green on the other side of the fence and for those that want to learn more please click on the link below:

Cyprus bailout may cause tax headache for expats – Telegraph.

Cyprus struggles to pay public wages | Irish Examiner.

And yet more gloom with Taxes to rise:

By Chris Eliott

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