January 30, 2023

What the TRNC newspapers say

There has been a lot of news and reviews published in the English language newspapers this week a lot of which is world news rather than local news.

It was nice to see increasing reports of activities run to preserve local heritage or news of fund raising for local charities who need so much help if they are to achieve their aims.

Perhaps one of the the biggest and  most important article appeared in the largest and most influential North Cyprus newspaper this week and this concerned the property issues and would have been of great interest to both expat and local resident home buyers.

Under the title “Court Prevents Home Auction”,  from the Cyprus Today and “Stealth Mortgages court decision considered a resounding progress” by the Cyprus Star, the facts have come into the public areana.

So what does this all mean? Well there has been an ongoing dispute over the threat of the aution of properties by a bank without the agreement of the home owners on the “Harmony Site”  and following the recent Appeal Court Judgement on Stealth Mortages, this action has been broughtt to a halt although the Kulaksiz 5 Appeal Court Judgement following the 19th September 2012 hearing is still awaited.

This is a cvery complicated issue that needs to be published with care as the the original judgement text is in Turkish and we have therefore included links below from the website of “Making North Cyprus Better – MNCB” so that all aspects recorded by them of of this dispute, can be read, comsiderd and understood by our readers.

Appeal Court Judgement on Stealth Mortgages considered well balanced.

Tide on House Repossessions due to Stealth Mortgages stopped

Property Matters Update 10th October 2012

Kulaksiz 5 Group Appeal 19th September summary.

For those seeking further information, contact Malcolm Mitcheson, Joint Secretary of MNCB by email on  mncbinfo@gmail.com

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