August 11, 2022

Cycle Cyprus Challenge – Day 3 

Dhekelia to Episkopi

Day 3 has arrived and the team are still going strong.  They really are a great group of people to be putting themselves through this gruelling challenge for the benefit of The Soldiers’ Charity.  I have so much admiration for them.   The team arrived in Episkopi at 2.30pm, tired but apparently still smiling.   Just 2 more days to go.   Elysia has given some items of information during the day and Macca has taken the opportunity of recollecting the first stage on Day 1 and his views of Day 3.

Elysia’s Diary

Morning of day 3: it’s now 0545, porridge has been eaten and the TRATT team have welcomed us well. People are tired, aching and sore but morale is still high. Going to push out 90k this morning to have lunch just before Akrotiri and then another 60k will take us to our destination Episkopi. Wish us luck and please keep sponsoring us on our justgiving account! Will update again soon!

122 kilometres of Day 3 smashed and we’ve hit our lunch stop at the K1 club in Akrotiri.  Lunch is outstanding, thanks to the support crew and everyone is still in good spirits. 30k left to Episkopi where we will spend our 3rd night. Half way through our 5 day adventure! BOOM!!!

Day 3 conquered!  Please spread the word of our challenge and keep the sponsors coming in. We have smashed our target already and want to double it!  Thank you for all the support, 2 days left!

Recollections by Macca (Stephen) McHugh

Day 1 – The day begins.  The first day really didn’t start too well, unfortunately this was because it was an early call at 03.45 hrs, breakfast was emotional due to the porridge being lumpy and salty, but a good effort all around for starting off with a positive attitude!

We moved from Camp to Kyrenia to be at the start point for 05.30 hrs to move off at 06.00 hrs; all was a success until we started to move up the hill, where Ash stacked it after 30 seconds through his inability to change gears….such a novice!!  Onwards we went….well apart from Billy, or should I say ‘Mr Admin’, who had a puncture only 3 miles into our journey…typical!  With the excellent assistance from our support team, Billy was soon on his way once again.

Excited about lunch we were gutted to arrive at the planned location at 09.30 hrs to find the support vehicle 300m off the beaten track getting their fat nappers down…..their excuse, we were early! They then proceeded to battle with erecting the gazebo; with a chef,  pioneer,  medic and a pet op you would expect to see it up in no time, but oh no…as we moved off from our lunch stop we saw the gleeful grins of our mighty support crew having figured out what a gazebo looks like but too late for us to enjoy.

Never trust a chef (Billy) when they say the route is flat, we were next to experience the most almighty hill yet, with many others shortly to follow.  Our day came to an end with yet another uphill coupled with the most horrendous unfinished road that made your whole body shake for at least 20 km. Sun beach bungalows were a welcoming sight when we rocked up at 14.30 hrs, with an amazing beach, fantastic view, great food and more importantly beds!  This rustic hideaway was our home for the night and after a good feast we made for our beds to prepare ourselves for the next day ahead….the longest leg of our journey.

Day 3 Update by Macca

Surprisingly the team woke this morning bright and early and full of beans, breakfast was porridge and assorted bread and jam, just what the doctor ordered. We set off at approximately 06.00 hrs and started our 149km ride. Cruising along at 30km an hour, we were well ahead of schedule. After 60km we stopped for a well deserved coffee (and cake) break at Zygi. As our progress was going so well, we decided to push back our lunch break to get the miles in whilst the sun was at a low. 

 Still going strong through Limassol we were pounding the road down to get to our lunch at the K1 Triathlon club, Akrotiri.  122k already covered,  lunch was in order and the chef was set up awaiting our arrival. Recharged and ready to go, we only had another 30km to the end of Day 3. Working as a team and sticking together on the climbs we made it to Episkopi at 14.30 hrs. Another awesome day in the bag. TIME FOR SOME SLEEP!

There was a late photo of some of the team checking their bikes for the next leg in the morning – Day 4.

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