June 3, 2023


Ex-President Mehmet Ali Talat said ‘I have no doubt that the reason of Asil Nadir’s company Polly Peck’s bankruptcy is political’. Talat underlined that it was not acceptable for the world to let a world’s giant make investments in the TRNC. According to some groups, this world’s giant should have been destroyed.

Moreover, Talat added in his statement that with the help of Greek Cypriots, Asil Nadir’s company, Polly Peck was dragged into bankruptcy deliberately.


Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) expressed regrets upon the conviction of Turkish Cypriot businessman Asil Nadir in the UK.

In the message published by TCCC, it was stated: “The punishment given to Asil Nadir has deeply upset us. Asil Nadir made important investments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where no foreign investors invested in those days and he provided employment opportunities in TRNC, which made important contributions to the Turkish Cypriots and the TRNC economy”.

Source:- TRNC Public Information Office

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