September 28, 2022

A visit to the North Cyprus of yesteryear – 1995

Upon returning to the UK we showed our video and photos of our 1994 holiday in North Cyprus to many friends – probably bored them, if truth is told – and two friends, Joan and David Gummer, decided to visit the TRNC the following November. Then, following their return, we watched their video and David was generous enough to allow me to copy it. This allowed me later to take a number of photos from it, that now make interesting viewing. The photos of their 1995 drive from Girne’s Hirondelle roundabout across the Bellapais traffic lights and finally right to beyond Oscar’s now looks so lacking in both vehicles and buildings that it seems impossible. I reproduce them here … and apologise for the poor quality … it was 1995 remember – the days of using tape cassettes for recording, reused tapes and dirty recording heads.

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To view the full set of photos that include Escape Beach with its large Bubble Up ad, Girne, Güzelyürt, Famagusta, Varosha, Vouni, Soli, Gemikonaği, the CMC site, and Ercan Airport Mark One – when you could stand on the outside balcony to wave goodbye to visitors – then please visit: Joan & Dave Gummer’s 1995 vidpix

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