December 6, 2022


İrsen Küçük

Prime Minister İrsen Küçük held a press conference in the capital Lefkoşa on Thursday 9th August to inform the public regarding work carried out by the government.

The press conference was broadcast live on the national TV channel. During the conference which was held together with the government ministers, the Prime Minister said that the government will continue to work towards serving the people, despite criticisms by some circles that claimed that the government was concentrating on the upcoming general congress of the National Unity Party.

He said the government was following a program and due to its studiously workings they were now collecting its fruits. Touching upon the actions that have taken place after the Privatization law came into force the Premier said that they would be evaluating the tender applications that have been made for the state owned Ercan airport.

Küçük also underlined that when they took over the government the income of the country was 1.6 billion TL however they increased this number to over 2 billion TL and they decreased the amount of debit remarkably.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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