November 30, 2023


A place to unwind and gain some inner peace

A few years ago I was told by a friend of a lovely garden in Yeşiltepe so I thought I would go and investigate.   This was Green Heights Park and I was completely amazed at what I found there and just how peaceful it was.   I found that whenever I was feeling a bit down or upset about anything this is where I retreated to, it was a place to unwind and gain some inner peace.

On entering the Park there is a long pathway with tall Cypress trees flanking it and hidden in the trees are speakers playing very soft classical music, already you can feel the atmosphere of this tranquil haven.   The meandering pathway eventually leads you to the cafeteria and beyond that is the pool with sun loungers around it and tables under the trees where you can sit and have lunch or a snack.  There are waiters always hovering around somewhere so you do not even have to move from your comfortable lounger. The pool is a good size and in it there is a nice Jacuzzi which is lovely to sit in and feel the bubbles around you which can be gentle or give you a bit of a pounding, whichever you prefer.

There are other pathways all around the Park and everywhere there is an abundance of flowers, shrubs and trees.  Ambling along the paths you will suddenly come upon an aviary or an enclosure with rabbits and many types of birdlife.  Also along the paths there are alcoves with tables and comfortable seating hidden away for those who want to shut out the outside world for an hour or two.   Around the cafeteria are dining areas and there are hammocks and swing seats, everything is there for the complete comfort and relaxation of those visiting the Park.

During visits to the Park over the past 2 years, my partner and I would find a quiet, shady area amongst the trees and practice Qigong and Tai Chi exercises which we were both keen on at the time and it seemed an ideal place to feel the healing energy flowing through our bodies and also experiencing a wonderful sense of spiritual calm.

It has been a long hot summer and now that the temperatures should start to become more bearable my thoughts are  turning to visiting  Green Heights Park again in the not too distant future when I can once again have a relaxing day, lying in the sun or in the shade, reading and dipping in and out of the pool to cool down.   What could be better for the days and weeks ahead.   It is something I am really looking forward to.

By Margaret Sheard


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