June 10, 2023

Dear people,

As you know, from the moment we took office, we took over a municipality with serious problems and especially economic difficulties. However, with the foresight that existing problems may exist, we have started our duty to plan for the solution of these problems, and more importantly, with our belief we could succeed.

In the last five months, we have made significant changes in the financial structure of the municipality, and we have gained significant momentum in success for the welfare of Girne Municipality in particular and Girne City in general. With the financial steps we have taken, we have started to make significant gains for the municipal budget. With these gains we have achieved, we have started to take steps to increase the level of welfare for our city…

We are happy and proud at this point!

However, it should be known that in this short period of five months, we made all these achievements together with our working brothers who love their job and embrace their work. The belief of our workers in us has increased our motivation and has been and continues to be our biggest supporter in making our dreams come true. We are proud to live our dreams of sharing the economic increases we provide with our workers with the awareness that the value we give to labour and labour is actually the value given to each individual. In this sense, we are happy to keep the promise we made before the election that all our municipal employees receive equal holiday and May 1 allowance.

Our goal is to increase working conditions in the future to an even more equal point and to increase the welfare of our employees first and therefore the welfare of Girne!

When we consider the fact that one of the basic criteria that makes people happy is the effort they put into their work and we are lucky that our success momentum will increase with our working staff consisting of happy people and this situation will continue to be reflected in the image of our Girne.

I congratulate the 1 May Labor Day, which is the symbol of the struggles of the workers and workers and the gains they have achieved as a result of these struggles, the indicator that labour is the highest value, and I wish you days full of hope in which the gains gained through labour will continue to increase…

Murat Senkul

Mayor of Girne

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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