June 10, 2023

Readers mail…
From Roland Eyerich….

The young band ÇAKMAK celebrated a successful premiere in the unique venue for live music in Northern Cyprus “The Soulist Coffee & Music House” in Alsancak/Karavas on 15th of April.

On Saturday 15th April the new young band CAKMAK celebrated a successful premier with their opening support act at the unique venue, The Soulist Coffee and Music House, situated in Alsancak/Karavas and set off a spectacular musical firework!  They appeared for “The Two Bands Special”, featuring ÇAKMAK and Alper Cengis and Friends.

They were brilliant, exactly the kind of act we would love to see back on stage at Soulist again.

They played powerful renditions of their setlist of cover versions with an incredible presence and energy. They played powerful renditions of their set list of cover versions with terrific presence and energy. Their interpretations almost made me feel they were their own songs – of course they also had an own song with “The House Of Broken Dreams” written by singer Arda Tosun – This evening theyblew me away, overwhelmed and so impressed with such a great “first.” ,They commanded the audience’s attention and were riveting throughout the whole time they were on stage.

Particularly impressive is the keyboard-driven music played by Andemirken Koç.

His keyboard work paved the way for the rest of the band to showcase their own musical skills: not only great songs like the Doors’ “Soul Kitchen” but across their whole set list. Singer Arda Tosun was particularly impressive.  He has a great voice, almost predestined to suit the music of the Doors or Puddle of Mudd. (I’ve now rediscovered Jim Morrison, a hero from my youth, with the Doors, thanks to ÇAKMAK.

The whole band deserves to be complemented for the terrific arrangements of every song they played.

What a fantastic rendition of “Gimme Shelter” by Puddle of Mudd, full of energy and power. And I would never have guessed an oldie like the Monkee’s “I’m a Believer” would have appeared in their set list, but hey, listen to Smash Mouth’s version!

This band is vibrant and refreshing.  It makes one reflect and look back on all the positive times and great experiences at the Soulist with Alper Cengiz’, seeing young musicians on stage at the FAB (Friends Across Borders) Festivals; the last in 2019. Now, after three years, we see welcomed on stage at the Soulist, this young, extremely talented band, who deserve to be more than a supporting act. They are future headliners, worthy of a great audience who will truly appreciate and support them. So, music lovers, where are you?!


ÇAKMAK are highly motivated artists who went to great lengths to get their gig at the Soulist, submitting pictures and video clips followed by a successful preliminary talk at the Soulist.  A first in my experience.  And hey, it paid off, resulting in a great performance.

In recent times I’ve very much missed the opportunity of watching and enjoying young musicians (and of course, many others too). These are precisely the musicians North Cyprus badly needs to promote.

The North Cypriot music scene needs to develop a spirit of optimism. Young musicians like ÇAKMAK could be the ones to light the fire for themselves and others in the future, grateful for the opportunity to appear on stage at the great venue offered at the Soulist, so that they can develop, and we can have a great time enjoying their music.This performance, this premiere would have deserved more support.

They would greatly enrich a Soulist Festival or a special event.

Thanks to Alper Cengiz for giving ÇAKMAK the opportunity to appear on stage and of course, special thanks to Alper Cengiz as Music and Sound Engineer responsible for the Cakmak sound.

 Thank you ÇAKMAK for a great evening

ÇAKMAK BAND with Roland


Çakmak is a group of university students from the “ODTÜ Kuzey Kıbrıs Kampusu –  Morphou“  with the study subjects:

  • Andemirkan Koç  Computer Engineering
  • Arda – EFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language)
  • Onur Karaca – Psychology
  • Onur Güven – Computer Engineering
  • Ege Dora Kulaç- Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Özeş Gülok – Mechanical Engineering

And beyond with exceptional musical talent, each with their own style and contribution to the band. Çakmak as a band has been around for 2 years now playing mainly songs from the 60s to 70s, with some exceptional fan favourites. So far they have performed at numerous school events as well as bars and pubs in North Cyprus. Their focus is on old-school rock ‘n roll with blues motifs.


  • Vocals – Arda Tosun
  • Bass – Onur Karaca
  • Keyboard – Andemirkan Koç
  • Lead Guitar – Onur Güven
  • Rythm Guitar – Ege Dora Kulaç
  • Drums – Özeş Gülok

Set List Performed:

  • People Are Strange – The Doors
  • Break On Through – The Doors
  • Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
  • Money For Nothing – Dire Straits
  • Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
  • Real Gone – Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Gimme Shelter – Puddle Of Mudd
  • Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
  • Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Pipeline – SRV, Dick Dale
  • The Road To Hell Pt.2 – Chris Rea
  • Soul Kitchen – The Doors
  • I’m A Believer – Smash Mouth
  • Back Door Man – The Doors
  • Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
  • Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
  • The House Of Broken Dreams – Arda Tosun
  • Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
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