March 23, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

How time flies when you are having fun they say and for me it has been running and publishing its website articles, online e-newspaper, podcasts and weekly video reviews and not forgetting being with the Lambousa Archers and striving to learn and perfect the art of shooting a recurve bow and hit the target..

My friend Engin Dervish noticed what I was doing through my Facebook posts and as a Bayrak Radio and TV producer, director and presenter he came some months ago to record an interview with the Lambousa Archers and I am delighted that I have been given a copy of his TV interview which we are showing here courtesy of BRTK.  

To learn more of BRT click below:

Bayrak International English Radio Facebook page.

BRT TV News Facebook page with Turkish and English daily news

BRTK website in English

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