February 7, 2023

By Prof. Dr. ATA ATUN….

The EOKA terrorist organization launched armed attacks on Saturday morning, December 21, 1963 in order to destroy the Turkish Cypriots within the scope of the AKRITAS Plan prepared and implemented by Makarios with the aim of bringing the island of Cyprus under Greek sovereignty and annexing it to Greece.

As a result of these brutal and inhumane attacks, 30,000 Turkish Cypriots were forced to leave behind their homes, assets, fields, animals, rations, pasts and cemeteries and 103 villages where they lived for centuries.

The genocide, which lasted for 11 years between 1963 and 1974, ended with the intervention of Motherland Turkey and the Peace Operation of July 20, 1974. We have gained our freedom under the guarantee of our Motherland Turkey, under the guarantee of our Security Forces Command and the Turkish Armed Forces, and we have achieved a humane life by establishing our sovereign state, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

I wish Allah Mercy to our Martyrs who do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for this purpose, and I salute our veterans with gratitude.

Prof. Dr. ATA ATUN

Political Advisor to the President of Turkish Republic of Cyprus

Photos courtesy of Prof. Dr. ATA ATUN

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