February 7, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu made a statement about the public service advertisements for tourism that were shared with the public in the past days.

Ataoğlu said “Within the framework of the vision that our Ministry will share with the public as of 2023, the project, which was implemented with the aim of increasing tourism awareness in the society and motivating our belonging to our geography, has been shared with the public.

Two of the works of our project, to which our people showed extraordinary interest, were broadcast on social media and television channels as public service announcements.

A total of 6 videos will be shared with the public in a 3-week period. 2 videos were served last week, and 2 other videos will be shared this week. Two other videos will be released next week. 

The videos highlighting our country’s values ​​and cultural heritage were prepared within the scope of cooperation with video content producers, who are also very influential in the field of social media in our country.

At this point, we salute the public’s great appreciation for the videos prepared as public service aids and thank the national video content producer Evren Kerem and Ayşe Hacıarif for their cooperation.

In 2023, we will continue to work, producing and working for tourism, which is the most fundamental dynamic that will contribute to our future.”

Source (Turkish): Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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