May 31, 2023

President Ersin Tatar participates in the 13th Extraordinary Congress of the National Unity Party (UBP)

“What binds us together is our love for Türkiye, Anatolia and our belief in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

President Ersin Tatar participated in the 13th Extraordinary Congress of the National Unity Party (UBP) that was held in Lefkoşa.

Delivering an address, President Tatar said it is “important for the new national policy to be embraced, adopted and rooted,” adding “Turkish Cypriots should be united and have one voice”.

He said it is unacceptable that attacks of this type are being made against the Government which carried out successful reforms hitherto unachieved by any other political party over the years, for one reason or another.   Stating that he is very pleased to be with the members of the UBP at the congress, President Tatar said that “we have been walking the same path and struggling together for many years for the prosperity and wellbeing of the TRNC and the Turkish Cypriot People”.

Expressing that they had won a great victory and that he was himself elected as the fifth President of the Republic, President Tatar said he is “always grateful to all of you. . .you are always in my heart”.

“UBP is a party where courageous people fight for the cause”

President Tatar stated that “it is never easy to maintain unity and solidarity and walk towards victory during difficult conditions stemming from the pandemic and conflict,” adding that victory had nevertheless been achieved.  Referring to the struggle put forward by the Turkish Cypriot People in defending themselves against armed attacks by Greek-Greek Cypriot forces and the EOKA terrorist organisation between 1963 to 1974 that aimed to annex Cyprus to Greece, President Tatar added: “The UBP is the continuation of the Turkish Resistance Organisation (TMT), which has always struggled for the existence and safety of the Turkish Cypriot People in these lands.”  He underlined that the UBP is a party “where courageous people fight for the cause”, adding that “everything should be done to keep the UBP together”.

Emphasising that he has always been a believer in the TRNC, Anatolia, Türkiye and the national cause of Cyprus since his childhood, President Tatar said: “It is the love of Türkiye, the love of Anatolia and our belief in the TRNC that binds us together.”

“We shall never accept insults”

President Tatar stated that he is being subject to systematic insults, adding:   “These insults are being made in a hostile and obscene manner by some hired pens. . . in the manner of chequebook journalism by and at the instance of a person who failed to be elected after having received a significantly lesser number of votes than myself. They are consistently making innuendos and insulting me.  In fact, these are insults to all of us and are unacceptable.”

“The government has done its best with the support of Motherland Türkiye and will continue to do so”

Stating that the effects of the pandemic on public finances were not negligible, President Tatar stated that there “have in fact been very serious effects”.   He added that despite the negative effects stemming from the pandemic, currency crisis and the war in Ukraine, the UBP, together with the coalition partners, are ensuring the continued functioning of the State.  Stressing that the government is continuing to fulfil all of its obligations, the President pointed out that the executive has successfully increased the salaries of civil servants, labourers and pensioners, and emphasised that the government has delivered during these times of hardship, together with the support of Motherland Türkiye .

Expressing his gratitude to Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and his team, President Tatar added: “Making unmeasured, unrealistic and populist claims are easy. Making criticism is also easy. However what counts is putting words into action.”  Referring to the law on municipalities, President Tatar said that there is a need for reform because there are 28 municipalities, which are too many.   He said Faiz Sucuoğlu and his colleagues had also stressed the need to carry out the reform, adding that “there have been delays. . .appropriate consultations are being made, and the Parliament has made a decision so that the local elections can be held on November 27”.

“Insults of a hostile nature and the like against the Government are unacceptable”

“Of course, we value what the Constitutional Court says. These are being taken into account,” President Tatar said. “However, hostile insults being made against the Government, which managed to pass reforms hitherto unachieved by previous political parties for many years is not acceptable”.
“We have passed through bad times and are continuing to walk on a difficult path,” the President stated – whilst referring to the “magnitude of the negative effects” felt by the world and the country due to the pandemic, wars and crisis. The President added: “We are putting forward a policy which we wholeheartedly believe in, so we will definitely succeed, for the benefit of the country and for future generations of the TRNC.”

With regards to the Cyprus issue, President Tatar stated that “we are now preparing for our visit to New York” later this month, adding: “It is my duty to defend my homeland and my nation”.    He said he will be attending a Parliamentary session to brief deputies on the Cyprus issue on September 13, prior to leaving for New York, adding that “we are putting forward a new policy with regards to the Cyprus issue on the basis of sovereign equality and equal international status”. He said “negotiations on the basis of a federal based settlement have been exhausted due to the fact that the Greek Cypriot side has, for more than 50 years, rejected a settlement on this basis”.  The President pointed out that the Greek-Greek Cypriot duo have at every meeting “attempted to reduce the demands and lower the status of the Turkish Cypriot people”, adding: “First, they are using the basis to supposedly reach a federal structure, then they are making proposals aimed at making the Turkish Cypriot people a minority. This is followed by their objective of reaching a unitary structure. However we have been able to say “stop” to the traps being woven to exterminate us. . .and we did this all together”.

Emphasising that the support given by the Republic of Türkiye to the TRNC is pivotal, the President added:  “I cannot stress how important it is to continue to working closely and cooperating with Türkiye, one of the Guarantor powers and the biggest and most powerful country in the region, which is a source of pride.” He said a “new page and new era has been opened with regards to the new policy,” which is “fully supported by the President of the Republic of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Turkish nation”.

Referring to the 5+UN meeting that was held in Geneva, Switzerland, in April 2021, President Tatar stated that he had, with the full support of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, put forward the new policy for the basis of negotiations to be on sovereign equality and equal international status. “We are shouting out this very simple message to the world, because this basis is the inherent right of the Turkish Cypriot People,” the President said. “This is a historical date and an important beginning. It is a turning point. The Greek Cypriot Side has rejected many plans and ideas for any equality-based settlement because they do not want to share power and prosperity with the Turkish Cypriot People,” he added.

President Tatar emphasised the importance of ensuring and establishing security at the highest level with drilling vessels in the eastern Mediterranean and Blue Homeland.

“Turkish Cypriot people should be united”  

President Tatar expressed his desire for the Turkish Cypriot People to “be able to come together and be united and able to put forward clear messages in one voice,” adding that the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) are “continuing to talk about a federation” at their congress held last week and is “ignoring the views of the Republic of Turkiye”.

Stating that the CTP is “cooperating with the Greek Cypriots” and is “in an attempt at forging new partnerships and is having meetings with the EU”, the President said: “However, our nation is saying sovereignty, our nation is saying State”.

The President stated that the “new policy should be engrained, adopted and maintained as a national policy”, adding that “prosperous days await the TRNC”.   Noting that wars, pandemic and crisis were having a negative global effect which also impacted on the TRNC, the President stated that “all of these will come to pass, and through the enactment of much needed reforms in our country, we shall reach prosperity, happiness and a more hopeful future”.

President Tatar also expressed his gratitude to Dr. Faiz Sucuoğlu and wished him a speedy recovery following his involvement in a traffic accident last week. The President wished Prime Minister and UBP Chairman Ünal Üstel and his team success

Source: Presidency Of  The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


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