December 8, 2023

Readers mail….

From Chris Green

Dear All,

As some of you are aware, the text of the poem contained within this link, came to me via a good friend of mine and I was privileged to recite the piece at St Agatha’s Church here in Brightwell yesterday morning.

I very much hope that you feel the love which binds the words of this poem into something of a tapestry and that you will share this link with whomsoever you believe may appreciate viewing it within your own contact lists.

God Bless you all,

Kindest regards,

Christopher J Green

Source: besparmakblog

Her Majesty’s Final Journey

Queen Elizabeth II of England

“The Last Farewell”

A tribute to our Late Queen Elizabeth II

Author: Unattributed.

Phillip came to me today,

and said it was time to go.

I looked at him and smiled,

as I whispered that “I know”


I then turned and looked behind me,

and seen I was asleep.

All my Family were around me,

and I could hear them weep.


I gently touched each shoulder,

with Phillip by my side.

Then I turned away and walked,

with My Angel guide.


Phillip held my hand,

as he led the way,

to a world where Kings and Queens,

are Monarch’s every day.


I was given a crown to wear

or a Halo known by some.

The difference is up here,

they are worn by everyone.


I felt a sense of peace,

my reign had seen its end.

70 years I had served my Country,

as the people’s friend.


Thank you for the years,

for all your time and love.

Now I am one of two again,

in our Palace up above. X

Gone but never forgotten. Goodnight our queen

1 thought on “A Tribute to Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II – Author Unknown

  1. A beauriful tribute with words all so meaninful & to be remembered our remarkable late Quen Elizebeth THE 2ND.

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