May 31, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

I remember sometimes back I mentioned that after spending 67 years in this world, I find myself very bored due to repetition. The four seasons, for example, repeat in the same sequence every year, year after year. Around us, we see human beings all starting their lives the same way, growing up and leaving this world, the same way. I feel fed up with seeing the same film again and again, all through these years.

Can’t there be any change, in this sequence? Unfortunately not. You cannot get summer in December in the northern hemisphere or winter in December in the southern hemisphere of the world. You cannot stop the waves of the sea, years after years, generations after generations, the waves continuously hit the shore and return back. Everything natural has got its own pe-planned sequence, which as humans we cannot change.

In fact we, ourselves too cannot change our life cycle. We cannot reverse a single year or month or day or even a spent moment of our lives. So what all this is?

When looking around, I feel as if I am locked inside an egg incubator, where nothing is in my hand. Everything is pre-planned and organised under a given set of rules. The eggs inside the incubators do not have any option other than completing the pre-decided schedule. The eggs will continue developing inside the incubator, as they get transformed into a chicken ultimately. The eggs pass through all sorts of processes, inside their shell till the arrival of the final moment.

So where do we all humans stand now? Are we not locked inside the incubator, where nothing is in our hands? Every day we see hundreds of thousands of babies born, and many many leaving, around the globe, at the same time. Doesn’t this process of our coming, growing, staying for a pre-planned period of time, and then leaving, resembles what the eggs inside an incubator go through?

As the membrane inside the eggshell changes every

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moment and every day, so do we too. Every day our bodies go through a change, which we usually do not feel. But the fact is that every day, we grow up a little more. Our inner and outer organs slowly pass through an un-feelable process, with the passage of every moment, bringing us closer to the ultimate point which we name death.

To me everything in this world is locked inside this incubator. The seeds lead to a small plant which ultimately become a tree. The animals, the clouds, the rain, the mountains, snow, etc etc. The list of whats locked inside this incubator is too long. But the reality is that everything is moving ahead. The fact however is that the rate of growth of everything on surface of this world is different from others. Some grow fast, and meet the end early. Some grow very slow, and we do not even realise that they too are growing, just because our life span is too short to see them growing, or ageing.

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Then one day the door of the egg incubator opens and the chickens are taken out. For chickens is the start of their life cycle, but for the eggs it was the end of their life journey.

I feel that we are just eggs, locked inside an incubator, waiting for the ultimate expiry of our time schedule, till one day when we die and the door of the incubator opens, and the broken egg shells have been thrown away..

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