March 21, 2023

Monitoring hygiene conditions at food and beverage outlets and other commercial enterprises affecting public health in Girne are ongoing.

Girne Municipality Health Branch teams have inspected a total of 146 businesses for general hygiene and food safety measures between 17th June and 22nd July 2022. These inspections are based on general and food hygiene criteria and are aimed solely at protecting public health. Written fixed period warnings were issued for any non-conformities detected. Improper conditions were found at a water vending station, a market shop and two restaurants and they were shut down and sealed.

The activities of a peddler selling fruit without a permit were stopped and his wares confiscated. Some sandwiches on sale in a supermarket in unsuitable conditions and certain sweet dishes in a restaurant found to be beyond their sell-by dates were all confiscated to be destroyed. A total of 2,336 TL fines were imposed on 3 food and beverage businesses that were found to have deficiencies in general hygiene conditions.

Health inspections

In the past few days it was found that the Cine Miles Restaurant was operating in terms contrary to environmental health and also with legal deficiencies; Classmar Market was selling food under unsuitable conditions; Büyük Usta Kokereç restaurant was preparing food under unhygienic conditions. All three establishments were shut down and put under seal by the Girne Municipality Health Branch teams.

The activities of Asya Su branded water vending machines were stopped when routine laboratory tests showed non-compliance. However they were reinstated after necessary hygienic measures were introduced and further tests.

Protecting public health is part of the general services of Girne Municipality. Hygiene controls are based on legal regulations and scientific data. As a result 22 businesses accordingly found to be deficient, were warned in writing. 10 enterprises were also notified of closure if those deficiences were not corrected.

Nidai Güngördü, Mayor of Girne Municipality said “Our aim with the ongoing official controls in our capacity as Girne Municipality is to protect public health by ensuring access to safe food.

In these the busiest months of the summer it is important for the sake of everyone that all food, beverage, and entertainment establishments provide services in accordance with legal regulations and according to principles that safeguard human health”.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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