January 30, 2023

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the armament activities of the Greek Cypriot side.

It has appeared in the press that the Greek Cypriot administration had decided to release a down-payment that will allow the purchase of attack helicopters from France for the use of the Greek Cypriot National Guard. This decision confirms once again that the Greek Cypriot side continues its armament program unabated, which threatens the stability and peace on our Island and in the Eastern Mediterranean.

These provocative activities of the Greek Cypriot side, including placement of nearly 250 heavy weapon firing positions along the border; organising firing exercises for the priests; supporting the PKK terrorist organization, spending millions of Euros on weapons and ammunition, conducting an increasing number of military exercises with many countries and establishing bilateral military alliances, have reached tan alarming level. It is simply clear that the target of these military activities are the Turkish Cypriot People.

The Greek Cypriot side’s so called confidence building measures serve no other purpose than to deceive the public opinion when on the other hand it continues its armament activities which pose a threat against the Turkish Cypriot People.The international community needs to see the play employed by the Greek Cypriot side.

The sale of attack helicopters by France, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, to the Greek Cypriot side, and the lifting of the arms embargo by the United States, are the most obvious and new indications that the United Nations Security Council is not a credible and impartial institution.

The support and cooperation extended to all the threatening policies of the Greek Cypriot administration is eliminating the possibility of a negotiated and acceptable agreement between the two Peoples. In addition, the unconditional support given to the Greek Cypriot administration prevents the establishment of a peaceful and stable environment much needed in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The military activities carried out by the Greek Cypriot administration together with other countries against our country, once again reveal the importance and indispensability of the effective guarantee of the Motherland Türkiye, and demonstrate how vital it is for us to defend our rights and interests together with our sole supporter Türkiye.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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