June 29, 2022

By Richard Beale….

The main two football leagues of the TRNC have now finished, the weather may be warming up but here in the TRNC local football can still be watched live.

The bottom tier of TRNC football the BTM League 2, mostly involving teams from outlying villages start this weekend. It may be the lowest League but there are still some good footballers on show and it may be a bit “Sunday League” but it’s very competitive especially in hot conditions.

It’s a short season with some midweek matches so that it finishes before the heat really begins. Below are matches in what I think are in ex-pat areas.


Sat May  28 Akdeniz KSD v Yeşittepe Ilgaz SD Karışayka Ergin Şahdur Stadium  
Sat May 28 Yeşil Harnup Kozanköy v Mevlevi SK Lefkoşa Attila Topaloğlu Stadium Stadium
Sat May 28 Ağırdağ Boğaz TSK v Pınarbası CSK Gönyeli Stadium
Sat May 28 Mutluyaka v Ötüken TKOSK Geçitkale  Stadium.
Sat May 28 Bafra SK v Ardahan SD Mehmetçik Stadium
Sat May 28 Yarköy PGSK v Ergazi GSK Kaplıca Emre Genç Stadium
Sun May 29 Bahçeli SK v Alayköy SKKD Esentepe Erdal Barut Stadium
Sun May 29 Tatlisu Seracılar  v SFC Boğaziçi  Tatlisu Rauf Raif Denktaş Stadium
Sun May 29 Civsil SK v Alaniçi YSK Geçitkale Stadium
Sun May 29 Dipkarpaz TSK v Kaplıca Karadeniz 61 Dipkarpaz Stadium.
Sun May 29 Çamlıbel SD v Kalkanlı SK Lapta Şht Sevket Kadir Stadium.

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