April 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

The world is up in arms but the UN and  European nations are not willing to confront the Russian invasion of Ukraine other than to provide material support. Had the UN stated clearly to Russia that if Ukraine applied for membership it would be considered, Russia may well then have continiued with its invasion plans but would have lost the blame gain.

So it is down to public opinion to increase the pressure through protesting against the invasion to the half hearted leaders who fear Putin will go the extra mile with his threat to destroy the world and here is one brave protest recently published by Horst Gutowski, Chairman of TFR – The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

“Dear members and friends,

The current escalating situation in Ukraine is not only a source of horror and dismay for me, and is shared by all peace-loving people worldwide.

The Russian army’s barbaric incursion into a sovereign state on the orders of the Russian President, and the associated suffering and grief to the Ukrainian population is a source of horror and dismay.

Our association with almost 1000 members from 36 different nations also includes Ukrainian citizens who are based here in Northern Cyprus. Our unreserved solidarity goes to these friends, their families, their friends, and the entire Ukrainian population.

I am sure that I speak on behalf of all our members that this war of aggression, which is taking place without cause, must end immediately. War cannot and must not be a means of conflict. History shows that war is always associated with death, suffering and misery.

We hope the political and economic decisions taken at the national, multinational and international levels will contribute to a de-escalation and will lead to the Russian power apparatus in Moscow backing down. In addition, we hope the Russian people will recognize that disinformation, half-truths, lies, violations of freedom of expression and restricted press freedom cannot be a basis for peace and humanity.

I will forward this open letter to all 36 embassies/consulates representing our members, asking them to do whatever they can to bring this disgraceful war to an end.

In addition, I’m sure many of you will make a personal contribution to improving the living conditions of the Ukrainian population.

I would like to end this letter with a few passages from the Ukrainian national anthem: “The glory and freedom of the Ukrainians have not died yet … our enemies will disappear like dew in the sun and we, brothers, will be masters of our own land”.

This is what we wish the Ukrainian people from the bottom of our hearts.

Horst Gutowski
Chairman of TFR – The Foreign Residents in the TRNC”

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