May 31, 2023

By Richard Beale…….

The BTM League sponsored by the İktisatbank begins on Weekend 18/19 December. After missing an entire season due to the Pandemic the TRNC third division kicks off later this month.

Generally it is for more regional village teams but saying that the Leagues include “big name” teams Lapta, Özankoy, and Beylerbebeyi Tatlısu amongst others. There are two Leagues the Red and White group with the winners and runners up having a chance to be promoted to the AKSA League 1. The good thing about the BTM Leagues many matches are 11-00 am kick offö so plenty of time to watch the match and get back for a lunchtime beer!. Matches again indicated in red may be of interest.


Dec 18 Mehmetçik v Vadili Mehmetçik Stadium 2-00pm
Dec 18 Geçitkale GSK v Demirhan SK Geçitkale Stadium 11-00am
Dec 18 SFC 1461 İskele Trabzon v Serdarlı GB İskele Cumhuriyet Stadium 11-00
Dec 19 Gülgün Süt Düzova v Akova Vudu Balıkesir Stadium 11-00am
Dec 19 Türkmenköy ASK v Yenierenköy Dörtyol Adem Nural Stad. 2-00pm


Dec 18 Karaoğlanoğlu SK v Lapta  Karaoğlanoğlu Orhan Dural Stadium 11-00am
Dec 18 Doğancı SK v Özankoy SK Dogancı Emek Stadium 11-00 am
Dec 19 Tatlısu HOBSK v Denizli SK Beylerbeyi Dr Ali Özsoy Stadium 11-00am
Dec 19 Dikmen Gücü v Ortaköy SK Dikmen Dr Fazıl Küçük Stadium 11-00am
Dec 19 Sadrazam Kayalar v Yilmazköy SK Lapta Şht Şevket Kadir Stadium 11-00am
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