Civil Defence training and exercise held for Girne Municipality

On 5th November 2021 Girne Municipality employees were given training in First Aid by the Girne Regional Directorate of the Civil Defence Organisation at the Municipality building. The Municipality employees were taught about both occupational health and safety and what to do in case of disaster emergency.  3 hours of first aid information was provided by the Girne Regional Directorate of the Civil Defence Organisation on how to reduce and/or prevent risks and dangers in the daily and working lives of Girne Municipality staff and the people it serves.

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law, mock exercises were conducted under the leadership of the Civil Defence Organisation dealing with First Aid, rescue and evacuation of persons in case of fire. Explanations were made of the rules to be followed and the precautions to be taken in case the employees are exposed to serious danger in the workplace.

In his statement on the subject, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that it is important to be aware of human health and safety procedures in every workplace in the Municipality.  Güngördü thanked the Civil Defence Organisation for “the training they had given to our employees to ensure that they were prepared for emergencies”.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality

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