February 4, 2023

Arkın Creative Arts and Design University’s (ARUCAD) exhibition entitled “Life and Home by Child’s Hands”, organised in collaboration with the Northern Cyprus Environment and Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation and the TRNC Forestry Department, was opened on 2nd November by President Ersin Tatar who met the artists and philanthropists during the cocktail party.

 The ‘Life and Home by Child’s Hands’ exhibition, which includes the works created in the “Plant an olive tree and make a bird’s nest” and “Caretta Caretta Festival” campaigns. is being held at the Art Rooms Gallery.

Ezcan Özsoy, President of the Northern Cyprus Foundation for the Protection of Environment and Cultural Heritage, took the floor first and explained: “This exhibition, which includes the works from the campaign to plant an olive tree and make a bird’s nest, will help to create a cleaner environment for the future and protect our cultural heritage.  In addition to 50 bird nests, the exhibition also includes the trunks of olive trees that were burned in the 1995 fire. 

Visitors who wish will be able to donate by purchasing bird nests.  The donors will be given a certificate with their names and the coordinates of the places where the bird’s nests will be located.  These nests will be hung on the trees in the 61-decare land around Ilgaz – Karaman and Ciklos, which were re-afforested after the fire with the contributions of the Forestry Department and our foundation, and on the trees in the Kalkanlı – Tepebaşı fire area and Geçitköy Dam Area, which occurred last year.”

Özsoy ended his speech by thanking President Ersin Tatar, the Founder of ARUCAD, Erbil Arkın, who made the project and the exhibition happen, and the Foundation Members.

ARUCAD Rector Prof.  Asım Vehbi said, “The primary mission of our university is to support the arts in every field.  Investments in arts and culture are equally meaningful to us, large or small, and this impact must be considered collectively.  The impact of environmental awareness on children and their creativity is undeniable.  If the environment is bad, the creative formation process is also negatively affected, and our University, as a mission, strives in every field to make this impact positive.  We will continue to develop projects that will raise awareness in the development of environmental and nature awareness.  Our environment is also a part of our culture and should not be considered in isolation from art.”

Ezcan Özsoy, presented plaques to Mr Erbil Arkın, and President Ersin Tatar for their contributions.  During the presentation of the plaques, Erbil Arkın said, “The exhibition will have ended and served its purpose, not in ten days time, but when the nests are hung on the trees and the birds have adopted them as their homes.”

President Ersin Tatar said, “Environmental and climate issues are followed sensitively in many developed countries of the world, especially after the pandemic period.  I appreciate the sensitivity to these issues in Northern Cyprus, the importance given to the protection of life and greenery here, and the efforts made towards this end.  I think that this exhibition is an important event in this sense, and I would like to congratulate those who put it together.  The importance ARUCAD attaches to our culture and the work they do for the protection and sustainability of the environment and art in Northern Cyprus are extremely meaningful to us.”  Tatar ended his speech by thanking Foundation President Ezcan Özsoy, ARUCAD Founder Erbil Arkın and those who contributed to the formation of the exhibition.

Organised in cooperation with ARUCAD, Northern Cyprus Environment and Cultural Heritage Foundation and TRNC Directorate of Forestry, the exhibition entitled ‘Life and Home by Child’s Hand’ is open to visitors at Art Rooms Gallery between 13.00-20.00 every day, except Sundays, until 12th November 2021.

 Source (Turkish) : Arkın Creative Arts and Design University (ARUCAD)


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