TRT World explains the struggle of Turkish Cypriots to the world

TRT World sheds light on the violence and massacres against Turks, which the whole world ignored during the period when a new way was sought for a solution in Cyprus, with the documentary of “Turkish Cypriots Struggle for Survival”.

According to the statement made by TRT and the bulletin of Anadolu Agency, the documentary, which explains what happened at the end of the 1950s until the peace operation of Turkey in 1974, will be screened for the first time on TRT World at 17.30 today (25th October).

In the documentary, in which the story of the Turkish Cypriots is told, the testimonies of the Turkish Cypriots were also consulted, as well as interviews and archive footage.

The Greek Cypriots’ demands to unite with Greece, in other words, during the years when Enosis was demanded, the increasing violence in the island over the years caused the Turkish Cypriots to leave their places. The resistance of the Turkish Cypriots against Enosis and the Peace Operations carried out by Turkey to ensure the security of the Turks on the Island will be discussed again with the documentary.

Gonca Şenay was the executive producer of the documentary prepared by TRT World domestic productions, while Özge Ekmen Maden was the producer and Güray Ervin was the cinematographer. The creative team of the documentary, edited by Yusuf Özçelik, includes Selim Durak and Emrullah Ekin.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

Editor’s Note: TRT Video shown below  :

This is a video well worth watching, it gives the  true facts of the struggle of the Turkish Cypriots against EOKA and Enosis.  Having visited some of the memorial sites and areas shown in the video it brings home the realities of what happened to the Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus and their continuing struggle for a peaceful existence on the island.   Why has the world not recognised and accepted the Truth of the Cyprus problem even up to the present day?

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