March 25, 2023

Girne Municipality, within the framework of Covid-19 measures, will hold the international Olive Festival this year at Zeytinlik Village Square on 8-19-10 October 2021.

The 20th International Olive Festival, which has an important place in the culture, art and social life of our country and provides information and contribution to producers and consumers about olives – one of our most important products – olive growing, will be held this year in accordance with the program prepared with Covid-19 measures.

In this context, the olive festival program was announced with the press conference held at Girne Pasha Hotel with the participation of Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, City Council members and municipality employees.

“With the power and support given to us by production and art, we will be together with our people and guests at the 20th International Olive Festival”

Nidai Güngördü: “Since prehistoric times, the olive tree, which is an important part of the Mediterranean culture, is protected, kept alive, multiplied, beneficial to human health, raising the awareness of our people about the consumption of olives and its products, contributing to the promotion of Zeytinlik village and Girne with tourism. This year, we will hold the Olive Festival, which we traditionally organise in order to add value to culture, art and life, on 8-9-10 October 2021.

In this context, we have limited the festival to 3 days due to the measures we have taken against the pandemic this year. Within the scope of Covid-19 measures will be implemented at the points to be created by Girne Municipality Police Law Enforcement teams at all gates entering Zeytinlik village square. In line with the decisions taken by the TRNC Ministry of Health, Infectious Diseases Supreme Board, Adapass will be requested from vaccinated people, and the last (72 hours) antigen, PCR test result, identity and information from unvaccinated people.

Visitors will be requested to show the necessary documents at the gate entrances before they will be allowed to enter the festival area. All people who will be selling and working at the stands during the festival (no matter whether they are vaccinated or not) will be asked for the results of PCR or antigen tests performed within the last 24 hours.

As every year, scientific presentations and seminars on olive and olive farming, literary talks and concerts by our country’s artists, exhibitions, local and modern dance performances, food and beverages from our country’s cuisine, olives and products, handicrafts, cultural-artistic exhibitions and sale of many products will be held in the stands to be established.

With the power and support given to us by production and art, the holiness of the olive tree, abundance, fertility, peace, justice, health, victory, wisdom, reason, rebirth, briefly the symbol of the most important virtues and values ​​for humanity, the olive is the symbol of the festival to be enjoyed with our people and guests. 

With these feelings, we thank our Girne  Municipality Council Members, institutions and organisations, producers, artists, dance teams, writers and poets, our invaluable teachers, employees of our municipality, and the valuable village people of Zeytinlik, who have always given us great support and strength in the realization of the festival. and thank you to all those who contributed.

On this occasion, we welcome all our people and guests who will be with us at the 20th International Olive Festival by extending an olive branch. It should not be forgotten that we can regain our healthy days in a short time only with high community immunity, and this will be possible with vaccination.

I express that we will be very happy to be together with our people at our olive festival with the unifying power of production, abundance, and art and the opportunities it offers us, and I embrace everyone with love in days full of tolerance, love, and peace.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality


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