March 28, 2023

Readers mail…..
Susie L Ford …. Quiz master…….

A couple of weeks ago I put on Facebook for laughs about how, over 9 years of quizzing, I had always given away the famous lemon for the losing prize !!

We say THE WINNING LEMON, THE LOSING LEMON — How about we give the lemon his own name { or her } !!   ASKING ALL our quizzers to choose a name for our famous lemon and I will choose the best one !!  We had some really funny and wonderful answers!

Duddy, lemtrabutia,  sanssiz, lemon fellow, hopeful,  lemon ting, lemondemon, lemond, bitter & twisted, bobbie, lional, chris, pip, juicy lucy, zesty seth, tangy tina, peel me paula,  sonya,  limonata, juicy susie, herbert, dr watson, mellisa, boob, lola loser, susie squeeze, bloop, john lemon, john peel, lucy lemon, citri, wobbler winner & taking the pith !!

After a little while and a lot of thought, I decided that my famous lemon would be named ZESTY SETH !!

Thank you to everyone who had a go at naming him!!!

Keep quizzing!!  And everybody loves a Zesty Seth!!


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