February 4, 2023

President Ersin Tatar stated during one of his receptions yesterday (30th March) that the main struggle in Cyprus is sovereignty and we, as the Turkish Cypriots, are sovereign as much as the Greek Cypriots.

Stressing that an agreement to be reached should be sustainable, fair and comprehensive based on cooperation of the two sovereign people in Cyprus, Tatar said that the TRNC takes steps together with Turkey in the light of hydrocarbon and the other strategic developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Furthermore, President Tatar stressed that for the first time, the Turkish Cypriot side is going to the 5+UN informal meeting with a proposal of a two-state solution based on sovereign equality and cooperation.

Expressing that federation has been discussed since 1974, Tatar said that the Greek Cypriot side’s understanding for federation is different from the Turkish Cypriot side. Pointing out that there are two peoples in Cyprus, Tatar said that they will continue to announce the thesis of the Turkish Cypriot side to the whole world. Adding that the UN Secretary General invited the Turkish Cypriot side to the 5+UN Meeting to be held in Geneva to express its views clearly, Tatar said “We will find an opportunity to express our thesis in Geneva”.

Stating that they will evaluate the process after the 5+UN meeting again, Tatar pointed out the importance of regional peace and stability.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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