January 30, 2023

Girne Municipality health and hygiene controls : In food-related businesses, the cleaning of the general work areas, the hygiene and Covid measures taken, the hygiene measures and food safety elements of the employees increased. In addition to the warnings given to businesses to eliminate the detected non-conformities, in the detection of situations that endanger human health in the enterprise, closing penalties were imposed on the business.

A total of 389 workplaces were visited in the inspections carried out by the Girne Municipality Health Branch and Municipality Police Security Unit teams between 27 January and 02 February 2021.

Within the scope of the inspections, 9 workplaces were notified regarding their deficiencies, 1 workplace was closed, 2 workplaces were fined a total of 7,640 TL for not complying with the Covid-19 rules.  Health Department teams also checked the measures taken by the workplaces against the Covid-19 pandemic in their routine inspections.

In this context, the teams gave information about the measures to be taken and the points to be taken into consideration for the protection of both workplace employees and citizens against Covid-19 in the inspections they carried out between January 27 – February 02.

In the inspections carried out with the coordinated work of Girne Municipality Health Department and its Police Department, the teams give the necessary warnings initially, and impose various sanctions, including warning and closing the workplaces that do not comply.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü made a statement on the subject saying ; “Our Municipal Health and Police Units make inspections to establish whether the enterprises have taken the necessary precautions and whether the Covid-19 rules are followed in their controls. The health of our people has been our most sensitive issue, and this will continue.”

Güngördü; In the decision under the Communicable Diseases Law published in the Official Gazette,  some personnel of 28 Municipalities have the authority to impose administrative fines, to impose a penalty for closure, and to stop the organisation and activities. He noted that they have implemented various sanctions regarding the measures to be taken against the Covid-19 virus.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality



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