March 31, 2023

News from Martin Marancos of ÇADER…. 

Today 1st December 2020 we visited with volunteers, the Alsancak Mayor Mr. Fırat Ataser and talked about the activities of our association which is to protect the environment, the recycling of household wastes and awareness for training to be carried out with individuals or groups.

We talked about the recycling of garbage. Our aim is to change the way people are thinking about recycling. We should start with schools. First of all, children should be taught about the harm of throwing garbage and its harm to nature. Secondly, garbage can be separated by people and from now on they should be informed that it can be recycled by a specialist company.

If the child knows that plastic will turn into useful things, instead of polluting nature, he or she will start to think differently. As everyone knows, any change starts with a constructive idea that can be developed.

To start educating children we are looking for a teacher who is willing to cooperate and help us.

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