December 6, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

 A few weeks ago our Editor, Chris Elliott, had a fall in the garden resulting in having difficulty in walking except with a walking frame.  Eventually I managed to persuade him to visit Dr Suat Gűnsel University Hospital in Karakum for a check-up.

It was impossible for me to get him down the steps from home and into the car, so I called an ambulance from the hospital.

I thought this would be an easy way of getting Chris to the hospital but it was not as easy as I had envisaged.  From the house to the ambulance was not a problem but then Chris was unable to step up into the ambulance so the stretcher lift came into action.  Then another problem, one of the paramedics had a problem with her shoulder and so couldn’t lift the stretcher to get it into an elevated position.  Never mind, the first car which appeared was flagged down by the paramedic and the driver had no hesitation in coming to the rescue and Chris was then able to be raised into the rear of the ambulance.  Thank you for your assistance – whoever you are.

The results of the X-ray showed nothing broken but the doctor was a little concerned about swelling in Chris’s legs.  Bring him back tomorrow morning she said.  No way was that going to happen so he was admitted for the night.

Unfortunately Chris suffered another fall in his hospital room resulting in a break in his upper leg and damage to his prosthesis hip.

A new prosthesis was ordered from Turkey which was to be an improvement on the damaged one, so things were looking good.

Then came the new restrictions due to COVID-19, no flights!  However the prosthesis was to come by sea.  It has at last arrived in the TRNC and hopefully will be in the hands of the surgeon very soon and the operation can go ahead.

Chris has at least been able to use his laptop in his hospital bed but it has been hard going for the last 2 weeks.  We have managed ok but this week, pending the operation we are pulling out all the stops to get the CyprusScene online Enewspaper finished early so Issue 145 is a bit smaller than usual, with 24 pages.  We will soon be back to full speed and hope our readers will be patient.

10 thoughts on “A fall in the garden goes from bad to worse for Chris Elliott

  1. Chris and Margaret..keep going on through such obstacles for cyprusscene…you are both very much appreciated…👏👏👏

    1. Thank you Anita for your kind words and we are delighted you like what we are doing

  2. What an enviable dedication Chris and you have in the production of the e- news and Cyprus Scene in TRNC Cyprus . I am saddened by the bad luck Chris had over this period of time. I wish Chris a speedy recovery and you best of luck . I congratulate you guys on your dedication and being so productive for Cyprus community.

    1. Thank you Sermen for your kind words and it looks like I will have my operation early next week and then “it’s on with the show”

    1. Thank you Roger and looks like this time next week I will start walking again

  3. We hope that your operation is successfully carried out soon and that you can return to your normal routine again. To have been able to produce a newspaper under these very sad circumstances is amazing!!
    Steve & Elaine

  4. All the best Chris for next week . .I must say a big thanks for your paper ,without it and all the useful articles we would not be up to date with the issues in the TRNC .Look forward to seeing you once restrictions lifted .

    1. Hello Ronald and Eunice

      Thank you and it’s nice to hear from you and I an glad our e-newspaper proves to be helpful.

      Best wishes and look forward to meeting with you sometime

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