December 8, 2023

In the work initiated by the Girne Municipality cleaning department teams, it was reported that the seating areas and roadsides were cleared by the Municipal Teams in respect of bottles, cans, packages, paper and all kinds of waste discarded from vehicles in the Ciklos picnic area.

Girne  Mayor Nidai Güngördü made a statement on the issue and noted that the responsibility of the municipality is to ensure the cleanliness of the contaminated places, but that the people should keep these areas clean and that the litter, which is left in the seating and picnic areas or thrown from vehicles, negatively affects the environment.

Repeating the statement made in previous years, Güngördü said that as the Municipality of Girne, the Bogaz Picnic Area and Girne – Lefkosa Highway are constantly being cleaned and that the idea of “citizens clean up their garbage” is not true. Nidai Güngördü pointed out that those who want to find the areas clean should use the garbage bags and deposit them into the garbage containers after having a picnic.

Güngördü pointed out that education and awareness activities can be carried out to increase the awareness of citizens towards the environment and noted that they had previously distributed leaflets in the region.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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  1. You’ll never train people who dump rubbish in their own front garden, yet alone a public picnic site!

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