December 10, 2023

We receive lots of very interesting news and reviews from people in the Northern Cyprus communities and the following is a report of a great fundraising event with a video of thanks from the recipients in Africa.

Readers Mail…
From Oya Kutsal….

We, the Kyrenia Evkaf Volunteers for Good. (Kyrenia Evkaf İyilik Gönüllüleri) made charity sales at the Wednesday Market and donated to the Mary Rice Disability  Centre and Gift a Dream Foundation.

This is the message of thanks we received from Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya together with people they are also thanking.

  1. Tuğçehan Ören
  2.  Ali Fahri
  3.  Meliz Özkıraç
  4.  Fatma Erdoğan
  5.  Ayşe Soyer Ören
  6.  Seçil Yıldırım
  7.  Nurçin İncirli
  8.  Derinsu Dağ
  9. Serif Kaleci
  10.  Irada Fahri
  11.  Enes Imrali

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