September 30, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

I frequently mention that I am a crazy person. By the word “crazy” I mean “unusual”.

All this means that I do not consider myself as a normal person. However I appear normal to others, yet frequently I do something crazy, which makes people believe that there is something wrong with me.

My life is full of crazy adventures. The latest was my hospital adventure. As I had mentioned previously about two weeks back, I was taken to the hospital following my crazy long walk under the sun. There was nothing wrong with me for 3 days after the walk, but I had started feeling unwell on the 4th and 5th day. I had lost my appetite and was having urinal pain, which was a sign of dehydration. I was taken to the hospital with high temperature. Though  I still do not believe that all this had happened due to my 25km walk under the sun, as there was a span of 5 days between the day I walked and the day when I was taken to the hospital.

I was checked by the doctor on duty and was kept under observation and medication for a night.

I was discharged from the hospital the next morning. So my overall stay in the hospital was not even for a full day but it had made my one dream come true.

As I mentioned above, I am a crazy person, so are my dreams too. One of my life long dreams was to get admitted to a hospital. I had spent my whole life wondering if I would get a chance to lie down on a hospital bed. I always dreamed of resting there on that bed, closing my eyes, with nothing to care about. To sleep and wake up at my own free will, with doctors and nurses coming and going taking care of me. So when I was admitted to the hospital on that particular evening, inside I was feeling happy, as one of my dreams had materialised.

The room in the hospital was exactly as I had seen in my dreams. Everything was just the same. I really felt good when I lay on that bed. Honestly speaking half of my sickness had already gone, once I laid on that bed. I loved the scene when everybody was taking care of me. I had felt very honoured and special.

I slept well most of the night. There was a television in the room, but I was more interested in enjoying the overall atmosphere. My wife who was there to attend me was watching the television, but I was not interested. I enjoyed drinking fruit juice, eating dinner. The doctor came late in the evening and told me the results of my tests. Based on the test results he had told me to visit a specialist the next day.

As I was about to sleep that night, all of a sudden the words of “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins came to my mind. Of course, the words of the song did not have any direct relationship with my situation but I felt as if some of the lines of the song explained my situation at that moment.

“And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life,” were those I kept on singing, even when in sleep.


Early the next morning the doctor came, and asked me “how was your night”?. He was a bit shocked when I said that it was a wonderful night and I really enjoyed being there. He was expecting that I would be telling him my condition, about my pains and sickness, but for me, that was not so important, because I was more involved in enjoying lying on that hospital bed.

Following my medical check up the doctor told me that I was healthy enough to go back home. On one side I was happy that I had recorded a speedy recovery in a short period of time but leaving that hospital room had made me gloomy.

I looked at the doctor, thanked him, and started packing. I looked back to the doctor, if he could hear what I was singing inside my heart. In my heart, I was singing “one more night”, by Phil Collins. I wanted to stay for “one more night” in hospital, but of course the doctor was not able to hear what I was singing.

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  1. Should I congratulate you being in hospital, I am sure you have not experienced being in a Pakistani hospital. We pray that Allah save us to be hospitalized.
    Take care and get complete check up, it is not a good sign. May Allah protect you from all sufferings. Aameen

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