August 15, 2022

We have received the following news of a fundraising appeal for the Greenhill Cemetery which we are sharing with our readers and hope many will support this fine event.

Readers mail…..
Tony Ray….

“Hi Chris

I would like to share with you news of a fundraising event for the Greenhill Cemetery.

Four entertainer acts are giving their time in support of this good cause and they are:

The 5,O’clock Shadows, The Chosen, Andy Reay, Chrissy.

The venue will be Happy Garden Restaurant in Ozankoy where there will be Bingo and a Raffle on Sunday 2nd August from 4.00 pm onwards.

To help with the fundraising there is an appeal for local businesses or individuals who may wish to donate prizes which it is hoped, will help boost donations

So far a local butcher and some nail bars have already offered prizes and further prize donations will be greatly appreciated.”

Editor’s note:  Contact Tony  Ray on  0542 826 6631  or Kate Davies on 0533 882 4736 for further information.”


2 thoughts on “Happy Garden, Ozankoy fund raising event for Greenhill Cemetery

  1. Chris Elliott a quick update, so far we have confirmed prizes from Minnes (next to Red Ribbon), Upper Crust, Best Seller Book Shop, Chicago Hair Club, Ozankoy Best Butcher, Tim’s Cafe. Prizes to be confirmed from The Potting Shed. Oh and not forgetting Happy Garden will give also.

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