July 3, 2022

The Municipality of Girne have bought two electric bicycles for their Police (Zabıta) Department in order to respond to  events more quickly.

In the information given from Girne Municipality; The electric bicycle team, which facilitates mobility and enables more comfortable intervention to events in closed areas, started its duty in Girne. It was noted that fully charged green bicycles, which were used for the purpose of responding to incidents in the city center, which are closed to traffic and in the areas which pedestrians use more frequently.

Girne Municipality started this application for the first time in a Northern Cyprus Municipality.

Nidai Güngördü, Mayor of Girne, who made a statement on the subject said; “Now, in Girne traffic, we will serve with our cycling teams besides our motorised teams. Expressing that electric bicycles are more convenient to use and to intervene in a possible event, Güngördü said, “The bicycles are environmentally friendly due to being electric and have been implemented by us as a Municipality for the first time in Northern Cyprus. Good luck to Girne.”

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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