August 12, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

“What is luck and what is bad luck”. Sometimes I try to understand. For some, it is very simple, whereas for many like me it’s not so easy to understand.

Let me open up the topic. Just presume you are witnessing a race. All the participants are of top quality, very well trained, fully fit, and in the best form. But in the end, we see that only one of them wins the race. Why? Is this his/her luck to win that race on that particular day and time?

Or is it the bad luck of the other participants?

People believe that luck matters in our lives. It seems so on many occasions, but does luck really exist? I personally do not believe so, but repeatedly at times, I find myself totally confused about this matter.

The reason why I do not believe in luck is that I find it unjust. For me, one particular person cannot be superior to another just because of luck. In the same way, I do not see one a loser, just because of luck.

There are people who work very hard and are in no way less competent than others in a particular field, but still, fail to win. But in my opinion, all of these are winners, and none of them is a loser. After putting in the best of their efforts, I do not find any sense in declaring them a loser, just because someone was a fraction of a second faster, in a particular race. I do not call it bad luck of one or luck of the other.

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The problem is that we look at the performances of people comparatively. We measure one’s performance in comparison with the other. I believe that at this particular stage the factor of luck enters the scene. In schools, for example, children have been put to compete with each other, to find the one who earns the maximum points. Does that mean that others were less talented or had not worked hard? In fact, those who had not reached that particular point had tried their level best to put in the best of their efforts, but one of them managed to surpass them by say one or two marks.

I believe that the system and practice of pitching each of us against others constantly put all of us under stress. So as humans we must remain under stress for the whole of our lives. Starting from schools, we find ourselves under stress to gain better marks as compared to others. During our working lives, we have been forced to remain under constant pressure to gain something extra.

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Do we really deserve to spend our lives under stress? Can’t we all spend our lives as “win-win” for all? Can’t we all be considered equal to each other? Our capabilities, our talents, our performances may differ from each other, but the efforts that we all put into everything throughout our lives, are worthy to be respected. But unfortunately, we spend our lives under pressure and stress, just because society wants to praise one person and ignore the rest, for being lucky.

I do not think this is appropriate. We must find some other way, some other system, that would lead us to perform our best without competing with each other. We must help each other, rather than compete. The factor of luck must not be allowed to force us into pressure.

Let the world be a different place. Let’s have a stress free world, where everyone should look at others as a fellow human being, and not as a lucky or otherwise competitor.

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