March 31, 2023

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü published a message within the scope of the Disabled Week, 10th to 16th May. He emphasised that it is necessary to create an easier, livable world for disabled citizens, to enable them to hold on to life by minimising difficulties and to be as equitable and free as individuals without disabilities.

Pointing out that people should approach each other with respect without forgetting the possibility of being a candidate for disability, Güngördü noted that mental and physical differences should not be an obstacle in life.  Güngördü pointed out that they started working to create the Disabled Unit under the Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch and said that they wanted to perform their services for the disabled in a more institutional structure. He noted that, with the establishment of the unit, they aimed to increase the contribution of disabled people in their social and educational activities, and on this occasion, called upon the Social Affairs Branch to register with the disabled citizens living within the municipal boundaries.  

Pointing out that the Girne Municipality New Service Building is designed for the disabled, Güngördü underlined that there are ramps suitable for the disabled and this is an example in terms of the suitability of public places for disabled people. Güngördü pointed out the importance of providing opportunities for the disabled to have a role in society and said, “We should create equal opportunities for them. I hope to increase the sensitivity to our disabled citizens, and embrace all our disabled people and their families with love and respect. ”

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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