April 2, 2023

By Richard Beale….

This week’s SPORTING QUIZ plus the STINKER QUESTION and the answers will appear in this week’s CyprusScene Enewspaper, and the answer to the “Stinker ” question will appear in next’s week edition.

This week’s Sports Quiz

Q 1:  The Nursery End, The Pavillion End, and St Johns Wood Road are linked to which cricket ground? Q 8: Precious McKenzie represented Great Britain and New Zealand in what sport?.
Q 2: What is the name of Rocky’s trainer in the Rocky films? Q 9: For which 5 Premier League clubs did Nicolas Anelka play for ?
Q 3:  Hibernian and Hearts football clubs are from which Scottish city? Q10In stroke play Golf what is the penalty for playing the wrong ball?
Q 4: What is the common name given to the Championship golf club The Royal Liverpool Golf Club? Q11: In which country would you find Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium?
Q 5: What is the official national sport of India? Q12: How high is the centre point of a Badminton 4ft – 5ft – 6ft?
Q 6: Who was the British sportsman who won medals at 5 consecutive Olympic summer games between 1984 and 2000? Q13: What American sport is played on a Gridiron?
Q 7: Who is the manager of Burnley FC? Q14: Which Indian cricketer was nicknamed “the wall”?



A “Beast” of a question this week!

Two well travelled strikers, who physically were “big units” were nicknamed “The Beast”. One retired in 2019, the other one is still playing in League 1, who are they?.

(answer in next week’s enewspaper)



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