August 9, 2022

While the distance education method is maintained in line with the measures taken due to the coronavirus epidemic, 35 students who do not have home electronic equipment in the Girne region are deprived of distance education.

During the distance education process carried out due to the coronavirus epidemic, 35 students studying at Girne Anafartalar High School, have a lack of electronic equipment so cannot follow distance education.

In his speech on the subject, Girne Anafartalar High School Principal Erbil Hüryaşar said; he wanted the students to be supported by sensitive citizens who have the opportunity to supply computers, tablets or smartphones, or who have extra computers, smart tablets or phones in their homes.

Let us show the necessary sensitivity for this aid campaign, which we will launch for our students who cannot have the opportunity of distance education due to the unavailability of equipment, and contact the Girne Anafartalar High School Director Erbil Hüryaşar by phone on 0539 102 91 26.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality


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