September 28, 2022

Health Minister Ali Pilli, appealing to the public, asked everyone to stay at home and not go outside.

Stating that if the public does not go out on the streets, the work of the Ministry of Health will be easier and there will be no increase in the number of cases, Pilli said, “Let everyone stay at home and help us. We want to stop this epidemic at this level.”

Minister Pilli said that they have taken the necessary measures and will continue to take them.

 “Call 1102 if you have a fever, cough, trouble breathing or all. Call 1102 if you have been abroad in the last 14 days, if someone from your home has come from abroad, if one of your relatives has been hospitalised, if one of your relatives has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and has been in close contact with others.  We are with you.”

Regarding the student who came from England and kept under surveillance in the quarantine centre due to high fever, Minister Pilli said that all the examinations of the student had been carried out and the result was negative.  Pilli stated that the student is continuing his treatment under follow-up and there is no problem.

Noting that there is no problem with the kits, Pilli said that the tests conducted in the country are reliable and the staff are experienced,  Turkey has stated it will keep in touch with the TRNC Ministry of Health to exchange information.

“We want to confine the virus where it is located. So stay at home” said Pilli, adding that even if there are a few cases in the country, this number will double if you leave the house.

Minister Pilli said, “If you help us, we will overcome this. If we fight, we will prevent the epidemic. This is a holistic thing. Let’s leave politics to one side and help healthcare workers. There has been information pollution and those responsible will be accountable through the law in the future.”

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Health posted 22 March 2020

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