September 27, 2023

Ministry of Health posted 10 March 2020

As we explained earlier, Coronavirus was found positive on 10th March 2020 in respect of a German tourist who entered Salamis Bay Hotel on 8th March 2020 at 19.00. The general condition of this patient is good and his treatment continues. People who were found to be in close contact on the aircraft were moved to the quarantine centre for 14 days. In addition, three hotels with all tourists arriving by Freebird Airlines have been quarantined (Salamis Bay Conti Hotel, Port View Hotel, The Pine Oscar Hotel).

In addition, the lodgings where Salamis Hotel employees were accommodated were emptied and the personnel have been quarantined at Salamis Hotel.

Entries and exits to these hotels are completely prohibited. Spraying activities in the hotels are continuing.

The Coronavirus positive patient entered Salamis Bay Hotel on March 8, 2020, at 19.00. Our Ministry quarantined the hotel as of 10 March 2020 at 07:00. People who stayed in the hotel between these two dates and are currently leaving the hotel should stay in their homes for 14 days and not go out unless absolutely necessary. In cases where they have to go outside and use common areas with others, they have been kindly requested to wear masks. If these people have complaints such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, they should contact us immediately through the epidemic contact numbers. The relevant numbers are (0533 8501188 or 0548 8501188) and are the epidemic team lines of the Ministry of Health.

The general health of the German patient, who was found to be Coronavirus positive, is good, his treatment continues and he is under follow-up. Necessary tests were performed on the spouse of the German patient and a negative result was achieved. All 3 people with which the patient had close contact are being kept under observation. No findings have been found in people currently under other surveillance.

At present, hygiene measures and inspections have been maximised at all border gates (land, sea, air). The border gates, air and sea ports are being sprayed, including the crowded areas where people congregate.

The number of health personnel has been increased, and temperature checks and inquiries are made at border gates and air and sea ports.  Our Ministry will regularly share the developments with the public.

Source: Ministry of Health

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