August 15, 2022

By Richard Beale….

Striker IRFAN BOŞNAK scored 6 times as Görneç put poor Ozanköy to the sword on a beautiful March sunny afternoon overlooked by the Beşparmak Mountains.


Sunday March 8 : K-Pet League 1 : Görneç Üç Şehıtler Stadium.

With the Manchester Derby kicking off at 6-30pm (Cyprus time), I decided to spend the afternoon watching a local football match. I chose to go once again to Görneç as it is such a beautiful scenic drive over the mountains, there can’t be a drive like it to watch a football match. As I said previously there are stunning views of the sea and the mountains with this time of year plenty of colour with the spring flowers out.

Görneç is a village halfway up a mountain, the Stadium offers spectacular views over the Mesarya plain.

Back to the football.  Görneç ran out easy winners as the score suggests and Ozanköy because of their current situation are the “whipping boys” of the League. Teams are improving their goal difference and strikers are “filling their boots” against them.

WHY? what has happened to Ozanköy? Not so long ago this proud old club was in the Super League, even last season they were pipped in the final “play off” promotion place by Düzkaya. Not many years ago they had a good expat following.

I am afraid it’s money, money, money the root of all evil, or lack of it in Ozanköy’s case, they have overstretched themselves and players and Coaches have left because of not being paid.

Therefore at the turn of the year, the Club was forced to play inexperienced youngsters with little or no first team appearances behind them. Consequently, their last 3 matches have been 0-3, 0-7, 0-2 and now 1-8. It’s pitiful to watch, the youngsters are trying their best, no lack of effort but it is “boys against men”. To help the club out 46 year old Serkan Can who last played for them 22 years ago has dusted off his boots trying to help the club’s plight.

IRFAN BOŞNAK scoring 2 of his 6 goals

Görneç are too much of an experienced team to take Ozanköy lightly but they were given a shock as in the 2nd minute when the visitors took the lead through a penalty by MURAT BEŞLİ after Ismet Paşa brought down Oğuzhan in the area.

After that it was Görneç who dominated the rest of the match, especially their prolific goalscorer IRFAN BOŞNAK who scored 6 times, 4 from his head, taking his season’s tally to 14 goals.

Ozanköy could not retain the ball long enough to relieve their overstretched defence and it was just a matter of time before the floodgates opened.

If it wasn’t for the Ozanköy Goalkeeper Hüseyin İkinci, who I can only fault for one of the Görneç goals, then the score could well have run into double figures. He pulled off a string of brilliant saves and blocks, including a penalty from Irfan.

Ozanköy youngsters tried but all these recent hammerings must be eroding any confidence the team has. Another player who impressed me was Oğuzhan Kara, his attitude was spot on, he wanted the ball, he’s got fight and determination in him, I think he will have a good future in the game.

IRFAN gets the congratulations of his team mates again and again 6 times!

Görneç are a well oiled team they never took their foot off the gas, they wanted more goals. Apart from Irfan, defender Hasan Yaşınses was impressive always supporting the attack. The two Mehmet Çavus’s (yes two players with the same name!) one a midfielder and the other a winger also provided creativity and ammunition for Irfan.

Scorers : Görneç : IRFAN BOŞNAK (10,16,30,39, 55, 81), RIFAT INCE (75), MUSTAFA ARNAVAULT (65).

Ozanköy : MURAT BEŞLİ (pen, 2)

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