Turkish Cypriots repeat there would not be a Cyprus without Turkey

Economy and Energy Minister Hasan Taçoy attended to the 3rd Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Summit in Istanbul and made a speech in which he stated that there is a desire to create an Eastern Mediterranean by excluding Turkey, however, Turkish Cypriots keep repeating in every platform that there would not be a Cyprus without Turkey and any attempt in the Eastern Mediterranean which excludes Turkey, will not be successful.

Speaking at the 3rd Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Summit in Istanbul, Hasan Taçoy touched upon the Maraş Issue, Interconnected System and TRNC’s first domestic and national electric car ‘Günsel’. Minister Taçoy described the Eastern Mediterranean as a tense environment and said that Turkey is in the Eastern Mediterranean and even if the French Charles de Gaulle warship comes there will be no giving up of our rightful case. He said ‘We will continue to protect our rights and continue our works in our own exclusive economic zone. The countries and companies, which believe that there is no border, can come and we can licence them in our area for their researches’.

Minister Taçoy added that they have started an important process regarding the closed city of Maraş and underlined that they have held a very important meeting in Maraş, which is known as the ‘Ghost City’, under the leadership of Turkish-Vice President Fuat Oktay. Taçoy said ‘rather than bargaining with the Greek Cypriots and waiting for fifty more years we would like to bring Maraş back to life’. Minister Taçoy also said that they would act in line with international law and they had the important support of the President of the Turkish Bar Association Metin Feyzioğlu.

Taçoy pointed out that the problem of communicating with the world has been solved by the underwater fibre networks from Turkey and said ‘after water and communication we are emphasising the urgency to connect by the interconnected system and by this we would like to minimise the value and the lack of energy. We would like to be the guarantee and the host of the Euroasia Interconnected system, which will connect Europe and Asia. We would like to serve our people and the area by cheap and healthy energy. We are working with Turkey for that’. Minister Taçoy finally stated that the TRNC gives high importance to the research and development studies and Aselsan, which opened a research centre in the TRNC, is one of the examples of this.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. Any Turkish Cypriot that fantasies a Friendly co existence with the pseudo Greek Cypriots, has a guaranteed place in Cloud Cuoco land.
    They have Stopped being Cypriots when they ware conned into becoming Hellenic by their Archbishop Makarios.
    Their character had become one of hatred of all that isn’t Greek, this includes Turkish, English, Americans and even the Russian people when they do not have their Fool Support. Any other National automatically becomes their Enemy.
    We must always stay True to Our Heritage that escorted us With Our Heads High all the way from Central Asia Believing in search of justice and fairness for all, inclusive of Us that Enabled The Ten Thousand Kayı tribesmen to Con-cure and amicably Rule over a Third of Europe All the Middle East and North Africa, without Enslaving Anyone.
    Every Nation kept their Language Relational Affiliations and Ways.
    The Turkish People has never been Inferior to any or Boasted Superiority.
    We In Fool awareness of our Human Rights and always Accepted Others.
    We will continue to coexist with Fellow Humans as long as they accept ours.
    Any one that Dreams other wise shell have to learn Other Ways.
    Justice to All within this Great Nature that we all are a part of.