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ATA urgent appeal for Platelets for Jackie Kirk

We have just received this urgent appeal from the Anglo Turkish Association for donors to give Platelets to help their member Jackie Kirk who is in hospital and urgently needs a Platelets donation.

Anglo Turkish Association of Northern Cyprus 

Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Ingiliz Derneği


A member of our Association Jackie Kirk is currently in the Oncology Unit at Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital, Dr. Niyazi Manyera Sk, Lefkoşa

Ladies (preferably those under 45) she needs your HELP!

Jackie is in desperate need of Platelets!

If you are willing to donate some platelets please contact the Lefkoşa State Hospital by telephone 0392 223 24 41 to make an appointment to give for Jackie.

Jackie asks; please share my URGENT REQUEST with everyone you know!