December 9, 2023

By Chris Elliott..

Well like it or not we Brits are on the way to leaving the EU unless we see yet more self-seeking politicians either in the UK or Europe trying to thwart the will of the people who voted in a referendum to leave the EU.

We will wait and see in the months ahead but for sure those against it will be plastering their views of the almighty cockup being made across social media for months to come for it to be grabbed by the media who know that bad news sells and make the best of it until another juicy tidbit of potentially bad news comes along.

Anyway, we are almost there and if Big Ben does not Bong, no matter, those that want Brexit will be celebrating whilst others will continue to not agree, so perhaps we can leave you with 3 videos that may sum up the mood of the Remoaners and perhaps those across the Straits of Dover who seem to have been backing the wrong Ass or Donkey.

2 thoughts on “Goodbyee, goodbyee wipe a Brexit tear from your Eyeeee!

  1. Chris Elliot – Can you leave your Brexit opinions to yourself please. It is unwanted and unnecessary to use this platform for your personal views / commentary on the matter. Enough thank you!

    1. Hello, John.

      Thank you for your comment and it would seem perhaps our opinions differ on the Breit issue and if you believe in free speech, then we are both exercising our right to share our opinion and that’s the end of the discussion

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