Wellness MOT due 2020 at the Kolan GP Medical centre

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From Tina King…

Now that all the festivities are out of the way and here we are creeping up to February (where does the time go) a lot of my friends are thinking about their expanding waistlines!

After all the eating and drinking and lack of exercise as it’s too cold and wet to do much else but stay at home. Also being another year older we do need to consider having a health check or MOT as I like to call it, especially as it can alert you to make changes in advance of any illness taking a hold and then being presented with costly medical health bills.

As you may remember from previous articles (or not) I had started to support the Kolan GP surgery in Girne where we were looking into Wellness Clinics in particular.  

The wellness clinics are available on a walk in basis and all hospitals provide these services.  However, the Kolan GP Medical centre wanted to try and give patients more options and is now delivering a tailored service with supporting speciality clinics to consider.

The Clinics have all been revised and whilst you can still pop along to the Medical Centre and have your examinations, a more structured clinic will be running by appointment every Monday.  These clinics will include Skin Cancer Screening, Dietary Health Check and also Physiotherapy.

Now I’m sure some of you are asking why Physiotherapy in a wellness clinic… well I had no idea that on talking to the dietician that acupuncture can actually work alongside a dietary program and help you lose weight.  Something I personally am trying as it has been helpful in pain management from and old whiplash injury.  It’s not for everyone but it’s worth considering.

The other option to consider in line with a clinical consultation is Andullasion. This is an amazing system that can improve your body shape in line with a weight loss program. I have looked into this and it really can help reduce inches from your waist line in conjunction with a dietary program, in particular if you have poor mobility.

The Kolan GP Medical Centre is open 24 hours a day, providing health care in the community, and is supported by English speaking Doctors and NHS Paramedic.

Why not pop along for more information (leaflets) or contact them on 0392 815 5900

(Discounts apply for the BRS, ATA, TFR and RBL members.)

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