The Secret of Staying Young and Healthy by Dr. Ender Saraç

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…

Doctor Ender Saraç, famous for his natural medicine research, recently presented his paper entitled,” The Secrets of Staying Young and Healthy”, at the European University of Lefke (EUL).

Saraç mentioned the importance of healthy eating and regular sports, said that nothing should be consumed 2 hours before bedtime and drew attention to the importance of quality sleep in terms of health. He further emphasised that the prevalence of obesity in youth is increasing day by day and added that not exceeding 94cm in men, 88cm in women in terms of belly and waist thickness is important to prevent many diseases

He said that one other important rule is sports and added that “If sports and exercise are not performed, muscle and bone loss, belly and lower back fat occur. As the age progresses, diseases increase and aging healthy is only possible with sports and exercise and proper nutrition”.

He further emphasised that young people should be in constant movement and exercise, men should work out resistance exercise and light weights, and women should do Pilates, and advised students that Pilates is a sport that is very suitable for women’s physiology.

At the end he said that “It’s a great feeling to be with you, you have a great energy and I’m very happy to be here” and took photos with the students. Later a commemorative plaque reflecting Cypriot culture was presented to him by the Rector’s Advisor Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmedali Egemen.